Condition & Valuation Survey for pre-purchase, insurance and financing

A sample survey is available here.

This is a comprehensive inspection, and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.  We make every effort to provide the finished survey report on the following business day. 

This inspection covers structural integrity, as well as all on-board systems:  propulsion, mechanical, electrical, tankage  and plumbing, electronics, galley, rigging, safety, miscellaneous deck equipment, and overall level of maintenance.

The out-of-water inspection includes assessment of the wetted surfaces, appendages (keel, rudder, skeg, struts, etc.), and drive train.

An appraisal of the vessel’s fair market value is included.

Please read the following notes so the vessel can be properly prepared for survey.  We can do a much more thorough job if the vessel is properly prepared.

The boat should be clean and with all personal gear removed.  Lockers should be emptied to provide easy access to all areas of the boat.  It is preferable to have bagged sails out of lockers and in a location - such as the v-berth - where they can be easily moved. 

For a complete assessment of systems, batteries must be charged and shore power be available.

We will not use tools to disassemble parts of the boat to gain access.  If panels or floorboards need to be unscrewed to gain access this should be done ahead of time.  If fasteners are to be pulled on a wooden boat, a yard worker will need to be available to do this once we have selected those to be removed.

We cannot climb rigs for a rigging inspection.  We are not riggers and climbing unknown rigs can be dangerous without proper equipment.  It is also very difficult to inspect a rig properly while it is in place and under tension.  A far more thorough inspection can be performed with the rig at ground level; wear surfaces can be checked which would be inaccessible with the rig up.  If you wish to have the rig inspected above deck level, please arrange to have the mast pulled and placed in an accessible location.

We do not remove sails from bags for inspection; we recommend having sails inspected by a sail loft as they can provide a more detailed description of condition.  Additionally, proper sail inspection requires a large clean area, which is often not available during a survey.

We cannot drive boats unless prior arrangements have been made.  If the vessel needs to be moved, the owner or someone with permission to drive the boat will be needed. 

Make sure Coast Guard required safety gear (flares, PFDs for each person, etc.) are on board if the vessel is being moved or sea trialed.

Ship's registration and papers should be aboard the vessel and in an obvious location.  Any available maintenance logs or manuals are helpful as well.

We are happy to have the buyer on board during the survey as well as to answer questions while the survey is in progress.  However, please try to limit the number of people on board and understand if we ask to be left alone for a time.